Custom cuttings of thousands of new products at Aluminium Warehouse

Bespoke cut-to-size metal products now available

London, UK. July 2019. After four decades providing and customising metal products at the most competitive prices, Aluminium Warehouse has announced that it is now offering even more custom cuttings of its wide range of metal sheets and fittings. The company is a leading metal supplier in the industry, offering an extensive stock range that includes items made from stainless steel, mild steel, copper and brass, in addition to aluminium. Over the years, the firm has rapidly expanded into the online metal trade, combining knowledge and expertise in the industry with a highly efficient and reliable digital ordering system.

The firm has become particularly well known for its high-quality products and responsive customer service, which includes flexible delivery dates and knowledgeable staff. The company prides itself on offering a multifaceted service that caters for both the customer who needs a single moulding and the commercial client with more extensive and specific requirements. With its bespoke cutting service, Aluminium Warehouse can also offer entirely customised designs for any type and scale of project.

The custom cuttings options range from traditional copper sheets to full-size aluminium sheets and patterned mild steel sheets. These items are ideal for a wide range of applications, including vehicular components and indoor and outdoor housing fixtures. Clients also have the option to select five bar sheets, which can be expertly cut to size to fit the customer’s specific needs. These items are designed with safety and security in mind, providing slip resistance in a variety of situations, such as staircases.

Commenting on the new range of custom cutting options, the company spokesperson for Aluminium Warehouse stated: “We are delighted to provide even more options for bespoke metal products, which will benefit our current clients and expand our customer base exponentially. We strive to produce the highest quality metal products in a wide range of finishes while also ensuring that the ordering and delivery process is as smooth and efficient as possible. By expanding and improving our custom cuttings range, we aim to provide even more solutions to our clients and continue our role as a leader in the metal supplying industry.”

Aluminium Warehouse has a sales team who are available five days a week to answer queries and provide a streamlined and easy ordering process. Contact them for more information about their innovative custom cuttings options or to place an order today.

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