Aluminium Tube Cut to Size

At The Aluminium Warehouse, we specialise in providing top-quality aluminium tubes cut to size. Whether you're in need of round tubes, square tubes/box section, or rectangular tubes, we have you covered. With over 50 years of experience in the industry, we have honed our skills and expertise to deliver precision cutting for both large and small batches. Our extensive range of aluminium tube options ensures that you'll find exactly what you need for your project. And with our commitment to rapid deliveries, you can trust that your order will be fulfilled quickly and efficiently. Trust us to provide the highest quality aluminium tubes tailored to your specifications.
Aluminium Round Tubes Cut to Size
Aluminium Box Section / Square Tubes Cut to Size
Aluminium Rectangular Tubes Cut to Size
Aluminium Tube Cut to Size FAQs

What is Aluminium Tube Cut to Size?

Aluminium tubes are hollow cylindrical structures made from aluminium, a lightweight and durable metal known for its corrosion resistance. When these tubes are cut to size, they are precisely trimmed to meet the specific dimensions required for a particular project or application. This process involves using specialized equipment such as saws or laser cutting machines to ensure accuracy and uniformity in the length of each tube. Aluminium tube cut to size offers numerous benefits, including reduced waste material and improved efficiency in production processes. Additionally, custom-cut aluminium tubes allow for greater flexibility in design and customization options, making them an essential component in various industries such as construction, automotive, aerospace, and manufacturing. Overall, aluminium tube cut to size plays a crucial role in meeting the unique needs of different projects while maintaining high standards of quality and performance.
How do we cut Aluminium Tube ?
When it comes to cutting aluminium tubes, precision is key. At our facility, we utilize high precision circular saws equipped with fully automatic feeds to ensure accurate and efficient cuts every time. These state-of-the-art machines are capable of rapid precision cutting, allowing us to produce aluminium tubes with exact dimensions and smooth edges. By utilising this advanced technology, we are able to meet the highest standards of quality in our manufacturing process for aluminium tubes. Our commitment to excellence extends not only to the finished product but also to the methods we use throughout production, ensuring that each tube meets or exceeds industry specifications. 
All cutting at the Aluminium Warehouse is free of charge.

What are the range of sizes of Aluminium Tubes?

Our UK leading range of aluminium tubes offers a comprehensive selection of sizes to cater to every project requirement. From Round Tubes with diameters ranging from 6mm to 150mm, Box section and square tubes available in sizes from 12mm to 100mm, to Rectangular Tubes starting at dimensions of 20mm x10mm and going up to an impressive size of 200mm x80mm. With such a diverse array of options, our customers have the flexibility to choose the perfect tube size for their specific needs. Additionally, all our tube products come in varying wall thicknesses, ensuring that you can find the ideal combination that matches your project specifications perfectly. Whether you are looking for precision or durability, our range of aluminium tubes has got you covered.

What is the cutting tolerance of Aluminium Tube?

When it comes to cutting aluminium tubes, precision is key to ensuring accurate dimensions and seamless assembly. At our facility, we utilize advanced precision saws that allow us to cut aluminium tubes with a cutting tolerance of +/- 0.5mm. This level of accuracy ensures that each tube meets the required specifications and can be seamlessly integrated into any project or application. With our commitment to excellence in craftsmanship and attention to detail, you can trust that your aluminium tubes will be cut with the utmost precision for optimal performance and quality results.

What are the typical uses of Aluminium Tube?

Aluminium tubes are versatile and commonly used in a variety of applications due to their lightweight yet durable properties. Round tubes are typically utilized in industries such as construction, automotive, and aerospace for structural support, fluid transportation, and heat exchangers. The circular shape of round tubes allows for easy bending and shaping, making them ideal for curved structures or piping systems. Box section aluminium tubes are often employed in architectural projects where clean lines and sharp corners are desired, such as handrails, fencing, or furniture frames. The rectangular tube is commonly seen in engineering applications where strength and rigidity are key factors, like machine frames or conveyor systems. Regardless of the shape or size of the tube, aluminium's corrosion resistance and high conductivity make it an excellent choice for a wide range of industrial uses.

Do you have an in depth guide on Aluminium Tube?

Yes we do! Look no further, as we have an in-depth guide on Aluminium tubes that includes detailed information on sizes and shapes available and their respective mechanical and chemical properties. Our comprehensive guide will provide you with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions when selecting the right aluminium tubing for your specific application. Whether you require a an aluminium round tube, aluminum box section or aluminium rectangular tube, our guide has got you covered.  Read our guide here: Aluminium Tube Guide - Sizes, Shapes & Uses
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