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Aluminium is a highly versatile metal, known for its light weight, corrosion resistance, and excellent conductivity. It is widely used in various industries due to its unique properties. One of the key forms in which aluminium is used is in the shape of tubes. Aluminium tubes come in different shapes and sizes, making them suitable for a wide range of applications.

Round Aluminium Tubing

One of the most common shapes of aluminium tubes is the round shape. Round aluminium tubes are widely used in construction, transportation, and manufacturing industries. Their circular shape allows for easy handling, bending, and joining. These tubes are commonly used for the fabrication of products such as bicycle frames, tent poles, automotive components, and heat exchangers.

Aluminium Round Tube - Aluminium WarehouseAluminium Tube Dimensions - Aluminium Warehouse

When it comes to round tube sizing, you need to consider the diameter of the tube and the wall thickness. Tubes are available in both metric sizes (mm) and imperial sizes (inches). The imperial sized tubes can be a little confusing as the wall thickness can be specified in SWG (Standard Wire Gauge).  For example, 10 SWG is equivalent to 3.25 mm. This term is used less and less these days. To avoid any confusion when ordering, we list all round tubes with both imperial and metric dimensions with an image showing these to ensure you have the correct size. The standard production length of a round tube is 5 metres, although you can order from 1 metre upwards including free cutting to length. Diameters stocked range from as small as 6mm, through to 6 inch (152.4mm).

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Square and Rectangular (Box Section) Aluminium Tubing 

Aluminium Box Section - Aluminium Warehouse

Apart from round tubes, aluminium tubes also come in square and rectangular shapes. These shapes offer enhanced structural rigidity and stability compared to round tubes. Square and rectangular aluminium tubes find extensive usage in architectural applications, such as building facades, window frames, and handrails. They are preferred for their clean and modern aesthetic appeal. Additionally, these tubes are also used in the production of furniture, shelving units, and frames for solar panels. These tubes are also commonly referred to as ‘Box Section’. The standard production length of these tubes is 5 metres, again available online from us from 1 metre upwards. Widths stocked range from ½ inch (12.7mm) to 200mm.

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Aluminium Tubing Finishes

The standard finish of all aluminium tubing is known as ‘mill finish’. This is the natural finish that all aluminium extrusions (profiles) have when they are produced and is generally a shiny finish. A point to note here is that if the aluminium has a dull or milky finish and perhaps a rough surface, we would consider the material to be of inferior quality. We only source our products from the best quality producers to avoid any such issues.

Furthermore, all tubing products can be enhanced with a surface finish or process. These commonly include anodising and powder coating. These additional coatings offer protection and are available in many colours. Please contact our team for full details, or find more information here.

Anodised Aluminium Tubing - Aluminium Warehouse Powder coated painted Aluminium Tubing

In conclusion, aluminium tubes, available in various shapes and sizes and are vital components in a wide range of industries. From round tubes for versatile applications to square and rectangular, for specific structural and aesthetic requirements, aluminium tubes offer a multitude of uses. Their lightweight, corrosion resistance, and conductivity make them the material of choice in construction, transportation, electrical, and manufacturing sectors. The diverse shapes and uses of aluminium tubes contribute to their indispensability in the modern world!

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