Horus 2 - Aluminium Robot Project

Recently, we asked our customers if they would be kind enough to send in some details and pictures of what weird and wonderful things they have created with our metals.

We were all bowled over by this amazing Robotic Sculpture!

This awesome robot was created by Mike Simpkins of Simpkins design.

‘Horus 2 is a robotic sculpture. A work of art that fuses the artistic with the engineered’.

Horus 2 Robot - Simpkins Design


Unlike typical robots, Horus 2 refuses to be constrained by its mechanics. In fact, the design process was primarily focused on creating a sleek and elegant appearance for this innovative machine.

Each aspect and every single fully independent action and feature of Horus 2 has been meticulously designed and executed to align with a specific aesthetic.

Utilising precise actions and programming tied to a Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI), Horus 2 strives to exude an air of consciousness, reveal a personality, and foster an emotional bond with its audience.

This remarkable creation prompts us to contemplate our connection with automated intelligence and our thoughts on a constantly evolving, technology-driven future. A true work of art!

Products used:

5mm Aluminium Plate 5083 – Cut to Size

8mm Aluminium Plate 5083 – Cut to Size

10mm Aluminium Plate 5083 – Cut to Size

15mm Aluminium Plate 5083 – Cut to Size

Credits to:

Mike Simpkins - Simpkins Design - simpkinsdesign.co.uk/h2/


Ross Goodwin

Ross Goodwin is a Managing Director at Aluminium Warehouse, the first online supplier of metal products in the UK, founded in 2005. Before taking on the mantle of Managing Director in 2007, he looked after all financial aspects of the company in his role of Financial Director. Ross has extensive knowledge of the metal industry and over recent years has honed his expertise in online selling, growth strategies and overseeing all marketing activities. He attended Leeds University gaining a B.A. Hons degree in Business Administration & Economics. Besides being a self-confessed workaholic, he enjoys travelling, cycling and open water swimming and is soon to compete in his first triathlon.
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