Mild Steel Sheet

A mild steel sheet, also known as a metal plate sheet and also described as low carbon steel sheet are available from Aluminium Warehouse. We stock various sheets and sheet metal and mild steel plates. Check out our Mild Steel Sheet selection and price list below.

Mild Steel Sheet Products

Mild Steel Sheet

Mild steel sheets, also known as metal plate sheets and also described as low carbon steel sheets are available from Aluminum Warehouse. We stock various sheets, sheet metal and mild steel plates. Check out our Mild Steel Sheet selection and price list below.

We offer an extensive range of mild steel sheets in different grades to serve diverse domestic and industrial purposes. Mild steel sheet is readily available at any of our stores nationwide.

We have mild steel sheets in diameters ranging from 1mm mild steel sheet to 10mm mild steel sheet. Look through our online collections today!

What is Mild Steel Sheet?

How familiar are you with the application and functionality of mild steel plates? Here, we’ll walk you through the full definition and description of mild steel sheet metal.

Mild steel sheet is a carbon steel type with low carbon concentration. The amount of carbon typically present in it can range from 0.05% to 0.25%.

It’s important to know that mild steel sheet metal is not an alloy. It mainly consists of a combination of carbon and iron with no other elements in its composition. The addition of more carbon to mild steel can turn it to cast iron.

Since no other elements are present in mild steel sheet, it has many properties that exclude it from alloy steels and high carbon metals.

Our Mild Steel Sheets: What to Expect

Mild steel sheet has a lot of unique and fascinating properties that make it ideal for specific purposes. Each of these properties contributes to its overall effectiveness and dependability.

We are the number one mild steel sheet supplier in the UK, and our metals are tested and trusted. When you buy mild steel sheet from Aluminum Warehouse, you can expect to enjoy the following qualities:


A mild steel plate is a relatively soft metal compared to high carbon alternatives. Due to its low carbon content, you can easily beat a mild steel sheet into any shape.

The production process is also faster due to its ductile nature. Mild steel sheet is very malleable and responsive to reshaping.


Mild steel is relatively easy to machine. It’s possible to cut it into any desired final shape. There is a slight tendency for ripping to occur. However, we coat our mild steel sheets with ample lubrication to prevent any form of harsh abrasion.


Due to its untainted nature (absence of other metals or elements), a mild steel sheet makes for excellent welding. Using mild steel sheets offers cost-effective welding.

One of the best forms of welding for a mild steel plate is MIG welding. It allows for total precision and focus when welding on metal. It’s also ideal for both manufacturing and construction work.


Mild steel sheet is highly ferrous due to the presence of iron. Its ferromagnetism makes it a favourable choice in industries that deal with magnetism.

For example, in metal recycling businesses, the ferromagnetism of mild steel sheets is a plus. Mild steel sheet also works for other general engineering applications


Today, we live in an environmentally conscious society. Recycling is integral in reducing waste and preserving our ecology. Mild steel sheet metal stands out in this field.

Recycling mild steel sheet metal is easy to break down and remake into other forms. The best part is the recycling process will happen with little to no waste.


Another favourable perk of our mild steel sheet offering is its affordability. We offer the best deals and discounts on mild steel sheets in the UK.

The negligible amount of alloy elements in mild steel makes it a cheaper option than high carbon steel. You can access our mild steel sheet price list to make a quote and get started with us today.

Protective and Decorative Coatings

As durable and versatile as mild steel sheet is, it has relatively low tensile strength. However, we make up for this downside through the application of a protective coating. 

Mild steel sheet can quickly oxidise and succumb to rust. Thanks to our high-grade protective finishes, we can preserve the structural and surface integrity of our mild steel sheets.

Grades of Mild Steel Sheet

Not all mild steel sheets will function on the same level. Different grades perform specific functions independent of the other. Here, we’ll highlight some of the popular grades, any of which you can purchase from Aluminum Warehouse — the leading mild steel sheet supplier in the UK.

Before delving into the grades, it’s important to know the two primary forms of mild steel. They are hot rolling and cold rolling. The former has to do with rolling the steel at a high temperature, and the latter has to do with rolling the steel at room temperature.

With the above in mind, here are the grades of mild steel sheet.

Grade EN3B

Grade EN3B is cold-rolled and used in situations where strength, shape and surfacing are of paramount importance. It’s advantageous in the mechanical engineering department.

Grade EN1A

Grade EN1A of mild steel sheet metal is free cutting and is very useful for drilling and machining purposes. It also has its application in the manufacture of precision machine parts like bolts and nuts.

Grade A Corten

Grade A Corten mild steel sheet is highly weather-resistant. It’s perfect for external building constructions that see exposure to the atmosphere. It also has a stiff structure with low maintenance qualities.

The stiff structure of Grade A Corten makes it ideal for bridges and other outer structural components. The dimensions are typically 7mm to 8mm of mild steel sheet.

Galvanised Mild Steel

Galvanised Mild Steel is exceptionally corrosive resistant and perfect for external use. We deal heavily in this grade when selling our 1.5mm mild steel sheet and our 2mm mild steel sheet versions. Outdoor structures like trailer parks benefit enormously from galvanised mild steel.

These are the significant grades of mild steel sheets. There are more grades with unique properties.

If you need to get more information regarding these grades, you can reach out to any of our representatives. Call 0800 520 0729 today!

Where to Use Mild Steel Sheet

Mild steel sheet is a resourceful piece of metal with applications in many fields of industrial or domestic works. Examples of some of these applications are:

  • Wire

  • Nails

  • Structural panels

  • Automobile parts

  • Signs

  • Decoration

  • Furniture

  • Art

  • Computer boxes

To fit any of the above applications, we offer mild steel sheet in the following diameters:

  • 1 mm mild steel sheet

  • 1.2 mm mild steel sheet

  • 1.5 mm mild steel sheet

  • 2 mm mild steel sheet

  • 3 mm mild steel sheet

  • 4 mm mild steel sheet

  • 6 mm mild steel sheet

  • 7 mm mild steel sheet

  • 8mm mild steel sheet

  • 10 mm mild steel sheet

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mild Steel Sheet?

Mild Steel Sheet is a carbon steel type with low carbon concentrations and contains no additional alloy or element.

How to Cut Mild Steel Sheet?

You can cut a mild steel sheet with a circular saw in a factory. If you’re cutting smaller dimensions, tin snips will prove useful.

Are Mild Steel Sheets Rust Resistant?

Ideally, they aren’t rust resistant as they oxidise with air and form rust. However, through the application of a protective coating, it’s possible to make mild steel sheet rust-resistant.