Learning About The 10 Different Uses Of Metals

Metals are naturally occurring solid substances extracted from the earth. Man has been using metals for centuries, and that’s not looking like slowing down any time soon considering the extensive applications this natural resource offers. Technology has opened up brand new horizons as to how metals can be used. Today’s man even knows how to combine metals to make alloys that suit his needs. Hence daily usage of metals becomes inevitable and the reason why this commodity is so valuable. The 10 uses of metals including aluminum sheeting in everyday life include:


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#1. In Medicine

Metals can be found at the molecular level as micro-elements inside our bodies. They play a vital role in the transfer of nerve impulses, circulation of oxygenated blood and assist in enzyme reactions. Metals can also be used to cure micro-nutrient deficiencies like Anaemia. There are also trace elements of metals that can be found in the body as electrolytes, enzymes or co-enzymes. Under inorganic Chemistry, metals like magnesium, titanium and aluminium are extensively used in medicine to make antacids. Also, basic medical tools are made out of metal.

#2. In Electronics

Electronics like fridges, TV, air conditioners, phones and any other electric equipment you can think of, primarily relies on electrical power for functionality. These devices usually come with a metallic body of some sort with the key reason being its conductivity properties.

#3. In Jewellery And Clothing

Platinum, Gold, copper, silver are some of the most sort after jewellery in the world. Did you know they are all metals? Their lustre and strength are what makes it durable and so valuable. They are very expensive and showcase your financial status.

#4. In Machinery & Automobiles

Machinery and automobiles encapsulate railways, cranes, rockets, mills, road vehicles, satellites and aeroplanes. These machines are mostly made from metals due to their ability to withstand a tremendous amount of pressure and high temperatures when doing work.

#5. In Building Construction

Steel and Iron are the preferred metals used in building construction due to their ability to withstand the weight and their overall strength. They are popularly used in fencing, pillars, reinforced concrete roofing and foundations.

#6. Security Systems

Most of the lockers, cupboards, safes and locks you use are made of metal. They secure your valuable items against any possible theft or misplacement. Even the CCTV system case is made of durable metal to ensure 24/7 monitoring.

#7. In Cooking

Basic kitchen utensils are made from metals like aluminium, steel and copper. Other kitchen items like troughs, furnaces, spoons, Bowels, knives and stoves are also made of metal since they can withstand high temperatures and are also suitable for both dry and wet purposes.

#8. In Farming

Farming is a demanding field that entails tilling the soil, cutting weeds, planting seeds, and so many other activities that require hard manual labour. For this reason, using metal farming tools and equipment are a must.

#9. Furniture

Home furniture can also incorporate metal instead of conventional wood. Other metal items in the furniture sector includes things like drawers, Fan stands and cupboards.

#10. Bullion Market

Did you know that metals play an integral role in the economy? You can make fortunes by investing in bullion markets and metal stocks. Being evergreen and in demand, investing in metals is considered by some to be the best and safest option.

The natural properties of metals–ductility, rigidity, its tensile strength are what makes it have such vast applications. It’s also the reason why they remain durable over the years and stay resistant against natural wear and tear or acids. In modern society, almost every object is produced using technological means in one way or another.