Stainless Steel Square Tube

Aluminium Warehouse supplies many different sizes of Stainless Steel Square Tube to give you ample choice. We can also cut Tubes to lengths if required. We stock two of the most popular stainless steel grades: 304 and 316. Both these alloys are medium strength with high corrosion resistance, well suited to structural outdoor applications.

For other application ideas, see individual Square Tubes.

About Stainless Steel Square Tube

The average stainless steel square tube has outer and inner radius corners combined with a distinct interior weld seam. These unique characteristics make square steel tubing perfect for structural applications requiring immense resistance to corrosion, durability and strength.

In some parts of the construction industry, stainless steel square tube is also referred to as stainless steel box tubing. We manufacture a stainless steel box section using a combination of different metal alloys. Therefore, we can deliver both 304 stainless steel square tubes and 316 stainless steel square tubes to clients across the UK.

We also deliver aluminium square tubes and polished aluminium square tubes to locations across the UK.

About 316 Stainless Steel Square Tube

316 stainless steel box section is a hugely functional metal product, offering excellent resistance to heat, salt, pressure and water. With these properties, it’s popular in manufacturing braces, construction frameworks, supports and marine structures.

About 304 Stainless Steel Square Tube

304 stainless steel box section is an ideal fit for manufacturing applications that require corrosion resistance. Although 304 stainless steel square tubing can succumb to high temperatures, it’s useful in welding applications. It also has great forming, stamping, machining, polishing and drawing properties.

304 stainless steel square tube is relevant in industries that require high-level sanitation like food and chemical industries. It’s useful for packing and delivering citric and nitric acids, organic chemicals, crude oils and refined oils.

Like our steel rods offerings, the stainless steel square tube is non-magnetic. This quality makes it ideal for making instruments. It also finds applications in architectural trim.

Aluminium Warehouse is the leading provider of stainless steel box sections for sale in the UK. We also stock anodised aluminium square tubes and ERW square mild steel tubes for different industries.

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