Stainless Steel Square Bar

Aluminium Warehouse is a large stockholder of Stainless Steel Square Bars. Our Square Bar comes in a wide selection of grades, each with its own merits including good corrosion resistance, high machinability and good suitability to welding.

This extrusion is most suited to the construction field as these bars are resistant to tarnishing and rust, long-lasting and durable, however, the shape lends itself to many other DIY projects and applications in the home.

About Stainless Steel Square Bar

A stainless steel square is a popular material thanks to its durability and superior resistance to corrosion. These features make the square steel bar perfect for applications that require exposure to the elements.

Square bars aren’t just available in stainless steel. For varied applications, brass square bars or aluminium steel bars grades are available.

We stock grades 304 and 316 in different dimensions to meet the many applications of square brass. Along with the stainless steel sheets, our square steel bars are useful in the construction industry, railways, furniture, and making bolts or screws.