Steel Rod - Stainless Steel Round Bar

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Aluminum Warehouse are large stockholders of Stainless Steel Round Bars. Our Round Bar comes in a wide selection of grades, each with their own merits including good corrosion resistance, high machinability and good suitability to welding.

This extrusion is most suited to the construction field as these bars are resistant to tarnishing and rust, long-lasting and durable; however, the shape lends itself to many other DIY projects and applications in the home.

A steel rod offers a wide variety of applications. They are highly versatile due to their high resistance to weather extremities and other external factors. These hard metal bars are prevalent in our environment. But just how familiar are you with the properties and applications of a steel bar?

Here at Aluminum Warehouse, we specialize in the delivery of stainless steel rods of various diameters. Whether you need an 8mm or a 7mm stainless steel rod, we can meet your needs.

But, we’ll also go one step further. Here, we’ll walk you through basic information about a stainless steel bar and its respective functions. This way, when you’re buying your next steel rod, you’ll be able to make informed purchase decisions.

What are Stainless Steel Rods?

A stainless steel rod is a thin, long and hard metal alloy that comes in cylindrical or quadrilateral shapes. They are a key component of the construction world and have diverse applications across many fields.

For instance, you’ll find a stainless steel pole in use during the erection of elaborate buildings. They also feature in household fixtures and food-grade utensils.

The best steel bar offers incredible resistance to corrosion. Hence, they are a preferred choice in marine facilities and marine vessels. Furthermore, they also find applications in the water treatment and supply industry. A hollow stainless steel round bar can ferry huge volumes of water across great distances without reacting with the fluid flowing through.

A steel rod is also useful in the manufacture of medical supplies as well as oil and gas pipelines. Hauling services equally benefit from the versatility of steel bars. They are mainly used in the production of transport components like tankers and containers.

Classification of Stainless Steel Rods

The stainless part of a steel rod is the component responsible for its high corrosion resistance. However, for a material made from a steel round bar to be considered stainless, it must contain no less than 10% chromium in its chemical makeup.

As earlier stated, steel bars are alloys. This means several other elements can combine to create varying types of stainless steel bars. Elements that can be present in a steel alloy are:

  • Carbon

  • Silicon 

  • Manganese

  • Nickel

  • Titanium

  • Copper

Typically, the total alloy components in any solid steel bar can be as high as 30%. These yield different grades of steel bars. Each grade determines the best application for a stainless steel bar.

Stainless Steel Rod Grades

A stainless steel round bar can come in different grades that dictate the overall resistance and intended application. Mostly, this is a function of the chemical makeup and finishing treatment of the steel round bar.

Steel rod grading comes in a set of figures and numbers. The characters indicate the type of alloy present and its preferred application. You can contact us at any time to ask questions about the grade of our steel bars for sale.

Below are examples of steel rod grades on offer:

  • 309 stainless steel: This indicates the stainless steel rod is suitable for high temperature.

  • 316L stainless steel: The number indicates it’s suitable for chemical work and good for use in laboratories. The “L” signifies it’s great for welding.

  • 304 stainless steel: This stainless steel pole is best for general architecture and construction purposes.

  • 430 stainless steel: This steel rod is best for food-grade utensils and appliances.

  • 15-5 PH stainless steel: This stainless steel bar is precipitation hardened. Consequently, it works best for use in manufacturing fittings and valves.

Look through our collection of stainless steel rods today!

Why Choose Our Stainless Steel Rods

Steel rods come with peculiar properties that separate them from other forms of metal. Each of these features contributes to the form of any stainless round stock you may encounter.

At Aluminum Warehouse, we only stock the best stainless steel rods for sale. Hence, we can guarantee the following features:

Rigid Strength

A high-quality stainless steel round bar has incredible toughness and strength, especially for construction purposes. They are incredibly rigid and can support several tons of weight.

However, with great power comes great weight. A steel bar may be very heavy and will require powerful machinery to carry it.

Poor Conductor of Heat and Electricity

This makes a good steel rod the ideal choice in high-temperature environments. They do not absorb a lot of heat. As such, they’ll provide a cool atmosphere in buildings. As a poor conductor of electricity, a stainless steel pole is a right option for insulating materials around electric fields.


This feature is largely responsible for the high resistance to corrosion that a steel round bar possesses. The steel bars disallow any form of permeability into the metal. This has the added effect of long-lasting performance and functionality.

Non Reactive and Low Maintenance

Our stainless steel bar can be used in the manufacture of kitchenware. The metal doesn’t allow the matter to stick to its surface. It’s easy to clean and wash — a factor that prevents the harbouring of dirt and bad odour.

Types of Stainless Steel Bars

During the manufacturing process, a stainless steel round bar will go through several processes and additions that can alter its chemical composition. The end products vary depending on the chemical makeup within their structure.

Therefore, whether you're looking for a 3mm steel rod or a 6mm stainless steel rod, the internal composition determines the best application for it. Below are the various types of steel bars and features that make them unique.

Austenitic Steel Rods

  • Mostly contains nickel, manganese and nitrogen

  • This style of stainless steel round bar is easy to form or weld

  • Balance of ductility, hardness and toughness

  • The most common version used in multiple applications

Martensitic Steel Rods

  • High carbon content that enables tempering

  • Not easily formed or welded

  • High strength but offers less corrosion resistance

  • Commonly used in pillar and column construction

Precipitation Hardening Steel Rods

  • Extremely high strength due to the presence of elements like copper, aluminium and niobium

  • Low chance of distortion when machined

  • Water resistance of solid steel bars make it ideal for use in marine facilities

Ferritic Steel Rods

  • Strong resistance to environmental extremities

  • Brittle under low temperatures

  • Strong resistance against stress cracking

Duplex Steel Rods

  • A mixture of ferritic and austenitic types. It has the combined strength of both

  • Relatively easy to form

  • Most expensive by weight

Fundamental Difference between Steel Rods and Bars

The terms steel rod and bar are often used interchangeably. However, there is a slight difference in their physical structure. Bear in mind however that either version can be used for the same construction job.

When considering rods, they come in a stainless round stock i.e. they have a cylindrical cross-section with a smooth and curved body. Whereas a steel bar will have a square cross-sectional area with a flat body on four sides. They are typically rectangular in length.

Regardless, they can still both be used for the same purpose. The slight difference comes from the bending of the steel. A steel rod is circular and will bend easily. This makes it the best option for constructing arch pillars. Bars are quadrilateral and can be used to reinforce any type of angular pillars or columns.

Whether you need a steel rod or bar, Aluminium Warehouse can deliver options to meet your preferences. We have the best steel rods and steel bars for sale. For varied application, they also come in different grades and diameters.

Are you looking for a 5mm steel rod or a 4mm steel bar for your kitchen frame? Will a 10mm stainless steel rod or a 12mm steel round bar fit your needs? Whichever size or dimension you need is available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about using a steel rod.

What is a Steel Rod?

A steel rod is a long and hard metal alloy used in different forms of construction. They are tough and long-lasting.

What is the Strongest Steel Rod?

Steel rods with titanium in their chemical makeup tend to be the strongest.

What are Steel Rods Used For?

Steel rods are primarily used in the construction and manufacturing industries. To reinforce pillars, they are usually fitted as rebar into pillars.

How to Cut Stainless Steel Rod?

An abrasive circular saw is typically used to cut stainless steel rods. Hacksaws can also be used to cut steel rods, especially in a domestic setting.

How to Bend Stainless Steel Rod?

Level benders will do the job. For precision, they have graduation marks. They also have a vice hold that locks the steel rod in place and a handle to bend the steel.