How Are Aluminium Windows Made?

Are you thinking about getting new windows for your home? Or perhaps your old ones need some long overdue upgrade? If that’s the case, then you should definitely put aluminium windows on top of your list. In recent years, aluminium has been the material of choice by home contractors and architects for building stylish and durable windows. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but aluminium windows can also increase the comfort in your home while reducing your energy bill. What’s amazing about aluminium is that it offers so much versatility without requiring you to shell out tons of money. How is that possible? First, let’s take a look at the many benefits of using aluminium windows and how they are made.   buy aluminium today  

Why Choose Aluminium Windows?

• Durability – This is one of the most compelling qualities of aluminium. Its high durability quotient makes it an excellent material for windows. It’s resistant to corrosion and you’d never have problems with rust. By using certified surface treatments, aluminium windows keep their looks and performance throughout their lifespan. • Cost – Aluminium is way cheaper than timber. Not to mention, it offers much longer life and a more efficient performance. And as you may know, timber requires a lot of maintenance. Aluminium, meanwhile, hardly needs any maintenance at all. • Energy-efficiency – You may not realise it, but the windows in your home have a massive impact on your monthly electricity bill. Any ill-fitting windows reduce your home’s energy-efficiency. Through technological advancements, aluminium now provides enhanced insulation. Pair it with the right kind of glass and you can look at saving hundreds of dollars. • Eco-friendly – Did you know that aluminium is 100% recyclable? You can reduce your carbon footprint by merely choosing aluminium for your new windows. This is also one reason why it has a lower price than other materials like timber.

The Process of Creating Aluminium Windows

Now, let’s get into the actual process of creating these windows. They may look simple, but these windows go through a sophisticated process in order to function their best. 1) Extrusion It all starts with creating profiles. This involves heating the aluminum billet and then placing it onto an extrusion press. In this phase, the manufacturers make sure that the material comes out straight and strong. The quality standards must be met during the extrusion process. The profiles are joined together using these frames, giving aluminium windows their unique characteristics. The designs can be complicated, but a single extruded section can be used to make the end product strong and durable. Thanks to the machinability of aluminum, it’s easy to fabricate the profiles into the desired window frame. 2) Insulation Aluminum windows are energy-efficient as they minimize the transfer of heat and cold. To achieve this quality, the window profiles are insulated with a thermal break. Today, the most innovative thermal break technology involves using a special polyamide thermal barrier. This also allows the material to be powder coated with a different color on the interior and exterior. 3) Powder coating To make stylish and modern windows, the aluminum windows need to go through the polyester powder coating process. Manufacturers use different cleaning and pre-treatment processes, each of which is necessary before the aluminum bars can be painted. The bars are powder coated and then cured in a specialist oven. Thanks to this process, manufacturers can produce aluminum windows in different colors. 4) Packing Specialized packing machinery is used to wrap and protect the aluminum profiles. For proper storage, special stillage is used to keep the bars secure. 5) Aluminum fabrication To meet specific requirements, manufacturers use different techniques to fabricate these metal windows. In general, the aluminum profiles are cut, machined, welded, and then powder coated to create a variety of designs. The process of creating aluminum windows is highly technical. No wonder that this metal has become the most popular choice for windows these days, thanks to its many qualities that make it the ultimate choice for stylish and durable windows. Whether for commercial or residential buildings, metal windows prove to be a premier choice if you want to achieve a more modern look, trim down your electricity bill, and conserve the environment all at the same time.

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