8 Steps to Make a Copper Pyramid

Want to build a pyramid under which you can meditate for hours? Experts believe that copper amplifies human energy better than other metals. They also think that the tip of the pyramid harness cosmic energy that allows a person to have a better understanding of the entire universe. So, if you are planning to build a pyramid, make sure you choose quality copper sheets and bar. Here are some of the things that you will need:   • Pliers • Copper tubing • Tube cutters • Copper tube joints • Tape measure • Clamps • Combination square • Epoxy   copper   Step 1 Take thin copper tubing with a maximum of 0.75-inch diameter. You can take thinner tubing if you want, but not more than 0.75 inch. This will help you cut and bend them while making the pyramid. Also, find appropriate corner joints that go well with the tubing.   Step 2 Before buying the copper tubing, decide the size of the pyramid you want. If you want a small one that will sit in your hand, you may need approximately 6 feet copper tubing. On the other hand, if you want a bigger one under which you can sit, you will probably require approximately 40 feet of copper tube.   Step 3 Take the tube cutters and cut the copper tubing into 6-foot pieces. Cut four of them. Take the round inner edges and clamp them with the cutter. Spin them in a circle. They should come off easily after a few spins.   Step 4 Take the combination square. Set it at a 60-degree angle. Connect the ends of two of the copper tubing at a 60-degree angle and epoxy them together. Squeeze them tightly so that they stick closely. Epoxy the flat ends. Keep them in a dry place. You can clamp these ends as they dry.   Step 5 Take the other two copper tubing and follow the same process as in Step 4. This will create an upright triangle for the pyramid.   Step 6 Use the tape measure to find the accurate length of the open ends of the triangle. Cut four copper tubing pieces that are approximately an inch shorter than the length you measured. Join these pieces together along the corner. It will make a square shape, forming the pyramid’s base.   Step 7 Take a triangle and stick it against one of the sides of the base. Simultaneously, connect the triangle’s tubes that touch the corner joints. Clamp the triangle together with the joints so that they stand upright. Repeat the same process with the other triangle.   Step 8 The triangles should face each other. Now, loosen the clamps and tilt the triangles towards the square base. The tips need to touch each other. Clamp all the tips together. Epoxy the tips to the base. Glue the tubes one by one and remove the clamps slowly. Also, epoxy all the tips. Your pyramid is complete. Let it dry for 24 hours before you can start meditating under it. Choose an open space while meditating as it is more effective.

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