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  • Brass, Copper, and Steel

    We have extended the Warehouse range to include Brass, Copper, and Steel. There is now a wide range of sheet and extrusion available for fast delivery.

    See them here:



    Stainless Steel

    Mild Steel

  • 3D Printing in Aluminium

    Printing complex aluminium objects is now possible. Previously plastic and titanium were the materials commonly used, but it was only a matter of time before aluminium was utilised. This will now open a huge market for creating components on a small scale, removing the need for expensive tooling to be created.

    Learn more about it here:

  • Alpine Geneve launch

    Alpine launch their stunning new A110 car at the Geneva International Motorshow. This model echoes the former A110 which was so popular in the 70's. It features a super light aluminium chassis, demonstrating it's strength and low weight attributes.

    See more at:

  • Metric Sizes

    We now have a large range of metric sizes across the Aluminium range.

  • EasyFix Safety Tube

    We have added a NEW colour to the easyfix tube range, a bright yellow ideal for constructions where high visibility is essential.

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