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EasyFix - Design & Build Modular Hardware in a Snap!
Bespoke / Special Sections
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1 1/2 in x 5/8 in : Aluminium Flat Bar
1 1/2  in x  5/8  in : Aluminium Flat Bar Our Price:
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Bespoke Sections

Bespoke / Special Sections

The Decision

Why not consider the versatility and precision of a unique special extrusion produced from your own custom die?

The development costs are surprisingly reasonable. The reductions in weight and machining can mean large cost benefits.

At 30% of the weight of steel, the high strength to weight ratio of special aluminium extrusions allows for a vast range of possible features. Sections to snap together or sections to break apart. Sections that also form a hinge. Complex sections with fins, ribs, screw slots or hollows. Sections with decorative features built in at the design stage. Sections that will support, cover, convey, trim, reinforce -the possibilities are endless!

And the benefits don't end there! Aluminium is naturally corrosion resistant but if appearance is important why not go straight from the extrusion process to anodising or painting while bypassing machining? The better the design the less the work.

The Design

Our Design Assist department will support you from initial design through to full production. It is up to you how we initiate the design process, we are happy to start from a basic sketch or conversely our systems are able to receive computer aided designs in all common formats. The design and drawing process is offered free of charge.

For existing custom die users we offer a no obligation redesign service. On many occasions there are good savings to be made. It is often the case that we can produce an enhanced design where slight changes to improve the functionality or appearance can be incorporated. Combine this with a new weight saving design and you will enjoy a better product with reduced costs.

Why Aluminium?
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • High electrical conductivity
  • Excellent thermal properties
  • High strength to weight ratio
  • Recyclable
  • Infinite design options
  • Wide alloy selection
  • Various high quality finishes
  • Rohs Compliant
Benefits of a professional design
  • Save weight and cut costs
  • Reduce fabrication times
  • Simple designs to reduce die costs
  • Alloy choice advice
  • Accurate polymer prototype (2-3 days)
  • Include special features, such as;
    • Grippers
    • Sight lines
    • Hollow areas
Fabrication & Finishes
Anodic Film Thickness BS1615
Minimum Average Thickness
Grade Microns Inches
AA35 35 0.0014
AA25 25 0.0010
AA15 15 0.0006
AA10 10 0.0004
AA5 5 0.0002
AA3 3 0.00012

Finishing Guide

The initial production of your special extrusion will leave your product with what is termed 'mill finish'. This can be enhanced in many ways, the reasons for doing so are twofold. Firstly, to change the appearance of the product to give aesthetic appeal and secondly to add a form of protection.

Decorative Sulphuric Anodising

Decorative sulphuric anodising is the most common form of anodising, it provides a decorative finish and protection from corrosion. Common examples of this finish include door handles and window frames. Decorative sulphuric anodising produces a silver, natural coloured finish.

Coloured Anodising

After decorative sulphuric anodising a wide range of dyes can be used to give a very attractive finish. A full range of colours is available.

Hard Anodising

Hard anodising should be selected where aluminium components require increased surface hardness and wear resistance. It also provides very good corrosion resistance and a high degree of electrical insulation.

Chromic Anodising

Often referred to by the trade name Alocrom,
Chromic Anodising provides a good level of
corrosion resistance combined with low electrical
resistance. The chromic acid film is relatively thin
and provides an excellent undercoat for paints
and lacquers.

Powder Coating

Polyester and Epoxy coatings feature hard, abrasion-resistant properties to provide an attractive finish. An Epoxy and Polyester combination (Hybrid) provides an optimum combination of decorative and protective qualities. A variety of colours are available with RAL, B.S. or colour matched. Care is taken to provide the best powder coated finish possible utilising the latest high quality lead free and TGIC free powders.

Machine finished

There are several types of polishing and metal finishing techniques that can be applied prior to further treatment. Examples of these include: polishing for a mirror-like finish, mechanical brushing for picture frames etc. and bead blasting for a more worn look.

Fabrication Services

Cutting - Deburring

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